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  • What is the Alexander Technique?
    Alexander Technique is a way of learning how to release excessive tension in the body so one can be in any activity with more ease and freedom.
  • Who benefits from taking Alexander Technique Lessons?
    Everyone can benefit from taking Alexander Technique. Alexander Technique is a way of learning how to recongize undesirable tension habits thus changing it and redirecting the energy in a more effecient way. Most people notice significant improvement on: - posture and balance - pain relief - tension and stress relief For Musician, Dancers, Athletes, and Performers: - reduce excessive tension in the body to prevent injury - reduce performace anxiety - enhance performance experience, feel more present and "in the zone" - optimize stage presence For Corporate/ Workspace: - increase productivity - tension relief - improve posture and avoid chronic pain
  • What happens in a lesson?
    The students are fully clothed during lessons. The teacher will use his/her hands to bring awareness to the body and direct and guide the students to a place of poise and balance. The touch is gentle and is not manipulative in anyway. It is NOT a massage or a chiropractice adjustment. For those who would like to learn how to do an activity, such as playing a musical instrument, knitting, and etc., can bring the proper equipments to lesson.
  • What should I wear to a lesson?
    Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing to lesson, something that's loose fitting and easy to move in.
  • How many lessons will I need?
    The number of lessons needed varies from person to person because everyone is an unique individual. However, generally it takes several lessons to start see changes.
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