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            My name is Erin Huang. I am a musician and an ATI certified Alexander Technique teacher in the greater Los Angeles area where I reside with my husband, two boys, and a Shiba Inu.


            My approach to the technique is lively and practical. I like to work with people in activities that they are interested in, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, typing on a computer, lifting weights, or it could be a simple activity such as standing and walking. My goal in a lesson is to provide a safe environment where allows people to freely explore their mind and movements with a sense of fun and play. I believe that we are unique individuals; therefore, each lessons are customized to each individual’s needs.


            I began my journey with the Alexander Technique when I was in graduate school. The way I was carrying myself while playing my instrument and the vigorous playing that was required in school had left me in debilitating chronic neck and lower back pain. I had gone through countless physical therapy and acupuncture treatments, but the pain would always come back until I discovered Alexander Technique. Not only it has helped me overcoming my chronic pain, it also has made a huge impact on my emotional well being.


             Having overcome chronic pains through the Technique, injury prevention and pain management are my biggest passion. I have given workshops to the musicians in the National Symphony Orchestra in Taipei, Taiwan and have worked with many musicians in the Southern California area. I have also taught a workshop applying the technique to enhance performances and stage presence for musicians at the Freedom to Make Music Conference in NYC. Teaching people how to move with more ease and less pain so they can enjoy what they love doing in life is what I strive for. Join me now and begin your journey of total freedom where everything is possible.

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